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Scholar Profile: Cydney Ransom '23, LPN-in-training

My name is Cydney Ransom, and I was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. I am mother to a six year old boy, who keeps me on my toes. When I was ten years old I started braiding hair for my mother and for the past four years I became an entrepreneur by starting my own braiding hair business. My talent has provided me with a sense of therapy and connects me with so many women in my community by enhancing their self-esteem and physical appearance. 

Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be a pediatric nurse. When I became a medical assistant throughout various specialties, my interests in medicine expanded.  I currently attend Standard Healthcare Services, College of Nursing in Falls Church, Virginia where I am studying to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). This experience has been a bit challenging , but I am looking forward to graduating in July 2024. Since I have been in nursing school my perspective on what my vision for my future career has changed, and my son has been one of my biggest motivators to finish strong! I am torn between making a decision to pursue a career as a School Nurse, Labor & Delivery (L&D Nurse, and an Emergency Department Nurse. 

The amount of physicians that I have encountered throughout my career have been impactful and exhilarating. Their support has influenced me to pursue my dreams due to their consistent positive feedback and mentorship. I genuinely care for my patients and love being able to make them feel better in a way that I can. Being a 2023 recipient of the Bernie Scholarship Awards Program has truly encouraged me to remain focused on my goals.

Having financial assistance is always a huge stress relief and receiving the BSAP scholarship was a blessing because I was able to cover the remaining balance of my tuituon. As long as I am at school I look forward to reapplying to the program to assist in my pursuit of obtaining my Masters Degree to become a Nurse Practitioner. I would like to thank everyone who has played their part in my journey to make my dreams come true! 


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