Some of the scholarship recipients include:

  • A student everyone slated for failure who is maintaining an "A" average at Montgomery County
  • A former physician, a new immigrant left with an infant, no green card, no English. She's now working in a doctor's office, going to school to earn her RN degree and becoming proficient in English.
  • A teen whose teachers saw her ability when she saw herself a loser, now in her second year of college.
  • The eldest of nine children in a troubled family, graduated from college class of ‘03

"The Bernie Scholarship awarded me more than money. It awarded me a sense of accomplishment and pride within myself. Your acknowledgment of my success though high school lifted my spirits higher to create in me more determination to reach all of my goals. The encouragement that your program gave me will always be with me and the money that was granted to me is greatly appreciated. I hope recipients who come after me will be touched as much as I was from the experience. Thank you very much for your support behind my growth to be a strong, independent woman." Devon

"Early this year I was blessed to know about a scholarship that was awarding money to individuals who wanted to further their education. I was very reluctant in the beginning to apply to the Bernie Scholarship but with a little inspiration from my surrounding, I applied. To this day, I must say that I am very pleased with the outcome. Not only was I pleased with winning the scholarship money but also it was The Bernie Scholarship Panel that made me feel at ease. The panel made me feel so comfortable during the interview session that it made it that much easier for me to talk about my passions for my future to them. I do not think there could have been a better committee panel to conduct the interview. The compassion that each showed is hard to put in words. The application of the scholarship was very detailed and direct. I believe the application was a good reference tool. I not only looked at is as a scholarship application but I looked at it as an outline for my future. The questions that were asked really help me to put thought into what I really want to do for the future." Sherry

By 2005 the Bernie Scholarship helped 104 people move toward achieving their educational goals. One of these may become your Senator...or your economist or the best garage mechanic you've ever had. All are determined to make meaningful, positive contributions to our community and our country.

" The Bernie Scholarship changed my life. It made me realize that people do care and that I can make it. Receiving the award was a great honor and it gave me an extra push to help motivate me to continue my education." Gloria

Scholarship Winners
  • 2013 Awards: 18 years and 312 scholarships
  • In May, 2013 The Bernie Scholarship Awards Program awarded twenty-four $1500 scholarships and seven $750 "Book Awards"
  • The Bruce and Judy Madden scholarship to Ms. A. Jennings
  • The Sylvia Brender Brandman Scholarship to Ms. E. Lindsay
  • The Jim and Carol Trawick Scholarship to Ms. S. McBride
  • The Daisy Gilmore Scholarship to Ms. I. Ngassa
  • The Marian and Jim Brodsky Scholarship to Ms. R. Orevba
  • The Pettit Family Foundation Scholarship in memory of John Pettit to Mr. D. Salinas
  • Scholarship in Memory of Kathy Dougherty to Ms. M. Tadesse
  • Mr. A Brown; Ms M.P. Dimy; Mr. D. Eshete; Mr. K. Galo;Mr. O. Guitierrez.  Ms. P. Gunn; Ms. S. Hammond; Ms. K. Hanson; Ms. S. Hassan; Mr. A. Kolyabin; Ms. D. Lockhart; Ms. M. Lucero; Mr. J. Nguyen; Ms. E. Ogiata; Mr. J. Perry; Mr. C. Porter; Ms. B. Robinson. Ms. Jasmine Smith Ms. R. Tchaptchet; Ms. S. Velarde; Mr. T. Weldegreal; Ms. K. Williamas; Ms. Rene Williams; Ms. J. Witherspoons
  • 2012 Awards:
  • *Hannah A. (In memory of Leona Fletcher Cole); Simon A.  ; Alice B.; Brandon C. Jeremiah E.; Ramanda G. (Roscoe Nix Scholarship); Idman G.; Carmen H. (Jim and Carol Trawick Scholarship); Kimberly H. (In Memory of Educator Kathleen Sullivan); Shoruk H.;  Soo H. (In memory of Gwen Lewis); Alice J. (In Memory of Kathy Dougherty); Yah K. (The Dubin Family Foundation Award); Anton K.; Pauline Lawrence (Marian and Jim Brodsky Award); Armelle L; Monica L. (In memory of Educator Jerry Lea, Sr.) Jessica L; Mealku M. (The Pettit Family Foundation Award); Sakeenah M.; Michael O. (The Judy and Brian Madden Award); Naomi O.; Brenda S. ; Fatimah S.; Antoinette T.; Serenity T.; (The Daisy Gilmore Award); Sandra V.; Endale W.; Kai W., Helen W. • Because, in past years information from this page has been accessed by potential employers and others, The Bernie Scholarship Award recipients' last names are no longer listed.
  • 2011 Awards:
  • Timothy K. in memory of Bill Hussmann, Barbara Lynna B. and Barbara Lynne B. is memory of Peg McRory,Jessie N-S is memory of John Pettit, Nirva T. in memory of Kathy Dougherty, Sairah M., The Eugene Miller Memorial Scholarship, Brianna M. in memory of educator Kathleen Sullivan, Genet L., the Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation, Susana P., in celebration of the marriage of Julia and Matt Crooks, Fatou F., The Original Pancake House Scholarship, and, Assati A, Shanice B., Starr B., Winnifred E., J'aime E-D., Jan E., Samirna E., Christyna F., Yvette H., Shhoruk H., Olivia K., Armelle L., Monica L.,Melakku M., Jacky M., Felicia N., Fatimah S., Meraf T. Photo of winners
  • 2010
  • Thanks to the Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation; Patrick and Kathleen Maier, Shirley Brandman; The Pettit Family Foundation, Jim and Marion Brodsky and Bruce and Judy Madden for sponsoring scholarships. The Maier Scholarship is in memory of Christine Maier, the Pettit Scholarship in memory of John Pettit and the Brandman scholarship in memory of MCPS educator Karl Savage: Victoria C, Doretta C, Tracy F, Frihiwot G, Yvette H, Abraham H, Janese J, Monica L, Armelle L, Tamie M, Melaku M, Fellicia N, Caroline O, Michael O, Candis P, Angela S, Ermias S, Yowhens S, Nirva T, Amira T, Tiana W, Janay W, Lisa Y Photo of winners
  • 2009 Special thanks to: Mariion and James Brodsky, The Pettit Family Foundation (in memory of John H. Pettit), The Trawick Foundation and HOC Alumni for sponsoring scholarships in 2009. Photo of winners
    Eyueal A, Starr B, Jamica B, Ashley B, Etny C, Mekdes D, Yvette H, Margaret J, Jazmine J, Armelle L, Jason L, Elsie C, Tatiana M, Melaku M, Yanet M, Emeraude M, Sakeemah M, Micahel O, Wanda P, Arminta T, Nirva T, Betelehem T, Caitlin W, Damian W, Kimberly Z
  • 2008
    Ruthann Aitkins; Thagine Bloomfield, Jamica Blue, Elsie Chimi, Mackenlov Dorival, Chanel Downing, Bernadine Frazer, Jonathan Gebretatios, Yvette Hammond, Jeanine Hernandez, Jazmine Jones, Ngonda Kinyoki, Melaku Misikir, Yanet Molla, Gemena Murchison, Tan Nguyen, Chelsea Smedley, Tamea Stover, LaTonya Thompson, RaShawnda Thompson, Joseph Wheeler.
  • 2007
    Joi B, Shamika B, Francess C, Ebony D, Veronica D, Kossi D, Mackenlov D, Richard DuL, Oluchi E, Lateefah E, Nakiya F, Sahr G, Yvette G, LaTonya H, Rosemarie J, Janelle J, Jazmine J, Ju-Ae K, Patrician L, LaNika L, Tan N, Emma S, Nirva T, LaTonya T, Rashawnda T
  • 2006 Photo of winners
    Joi B, Eyatunde B, Chanel D, Ieisha D, Margaret G, Sahr G, Lemlem G, Sharon H, Shufen H, Rosemarie J, Ju-Hee K Jie L, LaNika L, Gemena M, Odessa M, Marsha Or, LaTonya T
  • 2005 Photo of winners
    Hamrawit A, Aneeta A, Shamika B, Kokou D, Armel E, Cherinoor F, La Tanya H, Sharon H, Eisheena Js, Sevan K, Charlie K, Fafa K, Eunice M, Shannon M, Emma S, Esrael S. Nia S, Natasha S, La Tonya T, Kayleeta W,
  • 2004
    Eyuel A, Fatmata D, Armel E, Shana G, LaTonya H, Eun Ju K, Yana Ka, Gloria L, Eunice M, Isatta M, India McK, Lyna P, Titilope S, Nia S, Jo Ann T, Lily Y
  • 2002
    Ayesha A, Jedeofor A, Elaine A, Tamika A, Felicia Br, Nyome Bt, Tam D, Julius F, Kevin F, Keli J, Eisheena J, Sevan K, Eun Ju K, Sheena Dee M, Janet P, Joelle R, Monica W
  • 2001
    Diana D, Anita G, Chevonne M, Mary Susan P, Cheryl P, Tinisha T, Kayleeta W, Lynniice Cm, Akilah B, Ignico F
  • 2000
    James Edward C, Luna G, Chevonne M, Jonathan N, Ahn Lac P, Devon R, Kathleen S
  • 1999
    Michelle Aseidua A, Ebony N, Hoai D , Cathy E, Donna G, Tiffandy Lynn W •
    Thuy Duyen D, Svetlana Ek, Amy Sue K, Trin Mong N
  • 1997
    Afua A, Pat I , Keona L

Excerpts from a Bernie Scholarship Award winner essay:--

"My greatest achievement is I have survived! I am seventeen years of age….I have seen my mother’s health rise and crash, my relationship with my father deteriorate, and forced to realize I had only myself to depend upon…I am stronger, motivated and more determined that I can be a success….Life is about HOW you react to the situations that you are faced with and not what kind of problems fall in your lap….I had not only to learn how to take care of myself but my mother as well…I got a job when I was fifteen. I did this out of necessity so I could provide for myself….at sixteen I had three part-time jobs to save up money for a car and college….maintaining good grades has always been a priority…..when I look at my situation I see I have climbed a very rocky mountain and have made it to the top alive. I know I will encounter bigger and tougher mountains in the future, but I know since I have survived this one I can survive another. .."